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Oxballs Truckt Cock & Ball Ring - Pack Of 2

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TruckT cockrings from Oxballs huge your meat with 2 different fits, the large one for a good grip on your cock and balls and good hard bone. The smaller one if you want more grip for rock-hard meat. Or wrap your cock and balls with the large ring and use the smaller ring stretched around ballsack for tons of grip. Made of super-strong Skinflex-TPR, the best material for strength and serious stretch. Stretched to 5 times it's size. Inside the ring is a shallow channel. As you stretch the ring this flattens out so the ring stays where you put it. Large ring measures 2.2" wide and .75" tall with an inside diameter of 7/8". Small ring measures 1.6" wide and .5" tall with an inside diameter of .7".
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